How to become an engineer on a yacht?

You have always been interested in the yachting industry and working onboard a yacht as an engineer?

This article is written for you! Forget all you saw, you will find here answers to all your questions. We will help you getting into the industry and we will give you some interesting tips you should know.

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Cannes Yachting Festival is the biggest boat show in Europe. Every year, many yachts are on display and yacht builders exhibit their brand and fantastic new constructions.

This year again the famous Worldwide Yacht Trophies has crowned many winners during the Gala held at Carlton Beach.

Celebrities from the yachting industry have attended the yacht parade by night with music and entertainment.

We have listed  some interesting winners. Discover them here-under.

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You may have heard about the very new electric board that has changed the surfing experience. No more waves are needed anymore; you can just enjoy riding beneath the water.

The fantastic “wakejet Cruise” is the result of four-year development by the Sweden Radinn® Company and its partners.

Radinn is a mix of Radical and Innovation made in Sweden

You can easily ride at a top speed 50km/h(25Knots) with this buoyant carbon fiber board if you are weighing less than 100kg (285 lbs).

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Whether you want to charter a boat for a day or for longer periods you want privacy!

Cruising is to escape the world, to enjoy nature, wildness and to forget everything.

Perfect for escaping with your relatives and for business meeting, it can be sometimes stressful to have paparazzi around and malicious persons who could illegally access to your information and use them against you.

Be Happy! MS YACHTS, our low department and France are protecting you!

There are many ways to protect yourself, and we have decided to tell you more about them.

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The French Riviera: An Introduction


The French Riviera attracts thousands of tourists each year and no person ever said they were disappointed. Even most celebrities have been to the French Riviera more than once! If you are not sure what the French Riviera actually is all about and which cities count as part of the French Riviera, this post shall give you a nice little introduction and overview. Read more