How to become an engineer on a yacht?

You have always been interested in the yachting industry and working onboard a yacht as an engineer?

This article is written for you! Forget all you saw, you will find here answers to all your questions. We will help you getting into the industry and we will give you some interesting tips you should know.

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You may have heard about the very new electric board that has changed the surfing experience. No more waves are needed anymore; you can just enjoy riding beneath the water.

The fantastic “wakejet Cruise” is the result of four-year development by the Sweden Radinn® Company and its partners.

Radinn is a mix of Radical and Innovation made in Sweden

You can easily ride at a top speed 50km/h(25Knots) with this buoyant carbon fiber board if you are weighing less than 100kg (285 lbs).

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