Tax Free World Association

The Tax Free is an association of brands. The goal of this congress is BUSINESS: to identify trends and opportunities in order to promote the global Duty Free and travel retail industry. More than 500 brands including the best-known are present (Sisley, Benefit, Braun, Ferrero, Hermès, Bvlgari, L’Oréal,…)

Every year, companies show their brand and image aboard yachts, we have decided this year to show you what they really do and we ask you to vote for your favorite.

Those brands are the most interesting. Have fun and discover the brand personality through merchandising!



V Canto


Since 1864, Heineken is a Dutch brewing company. In 2015, it is the 2nd brewer of the world. With more than 250 beers and ciders commercialized in more than 170 different countries, the company employs 73,000 people.

Warmth, simplicity, savoir-faire, sharing, conviviality, are the brand values of Heineken and green is the best color to show it.


Since 2009, Missguided is a clothes and fragrance brand. The perfume of the brand embodies the women with a feeling of strength, confidence and feminity.

You can see on the pictures below that the colors and the products evoke those values.


V Canto

Created in 2015, V Canto is a new Italian brand created by Paolo Terenzi. The brand is known for its fragrance easy to wear and affordable for young people. Moreover, they all relate to a part of the poem of Dante, The Divine Comedy.

All the decoration of this yacht revolves around it.


Now, it’s your move! Vote for your favorite and leave your feedback!


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