Whether you want to charter a boat for a day or for longer periods you want privacy!

Cruising is to escape the world, to enjoy nature, wildness and to forget everything.

Perfect for escaping with your relatives and for business meeting, it can be sometimes stressful to have paparazzi around and malicious persons who could illegally access to your information and use them against you.

Be Happy! MS YACHTS, our low department and France are protecting you!

There are many ways to protect yourself, and we have decided to tell you more about them.

1 – Local law help you cruise better:  

France is involved since 1970[1] in the privacy protection by preserving your privacy and that of your guests will empower you to ensure that it isn’t sold to the highest media bidder.

Moreover it protects you from keeping and disclosure of your image or talk got in this way.

The use of drone is also regulated.

  • No use by night
  • No use in the Cannes bay and urban area
  • Never be closer than 150m of someone

2 – Organizational measures:

  • Ensure your staff reliability
  • Elaborate suitable drafted contracts

3 – Technology systems:

Many technology systems such as anti-paparazzi shield are now available to help you more.

Roman Abramovich, the Russian oligarch, has already installed one on his vessel to protect himself and everyone aboard the M/Y ECLIPSE.

Thank you for reading, don’t hesitate to tell us if you liked this post.

[1] 1970 : code pénal, articles 368 and 369

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