The French Riviera: An Introduction


The French Riviera attracts thousands of tourists each year and no person ever said they were disappointed. Even most celebrities have been to the French Riviera more than once! If you are not sure what the French Riviera actually is all about and which cities count as part of the French Riviera, this post shall give you a nice little introduction and overview.


Antibes is a resort town located between Nice and Cannes. Just like any other city of the French Riviera, it is a popular Summer destination as it has wonderful beaches, impeccable climate and lots of cultural heritage attractions. Apart from the 23 kilometers of coast, with the Cap d´Antibes and the Juan-les-Pin beaches belonging to Antibes, the city has quite a history. Medieval castles and stone buildings make the city seem stuck in time. The beautiful scenery also attracts many artists and has done so for centuries. Even Picasso stayed in Antibes to paint which is why the medieval castle Château Grimaldi serves as a Picasso Museum. If you are strolling through the city there is an endless choice of cute boutiques, food markets, cafés and wonderful restaurants.


© Cia-France


Apart from hosting the annual Cannes Film Festival and Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the city is also a popular tourist attraction for those who enjoy luxury and style. People enjoy their stays at luxury hotels such as the Carlton, Majestic and JW Marriott, and also dining at high-class restaurants. The famous Boulevard de la Croisette is bursting with sea-view restaurants located directly on the beach itself. Cannes has an attractive nightlife with lots of entertainment opportunities. Whether you enjoy art exhibitions, casinos, cinema, dance, concerts or history, Cannes offers it all! Visitors can also see the historical monuments of the city. Île Sainte-Marguerite, former prison of the Man in the Iron Mask during the 17th century, is also worth traveling to.


© Green Diver


With a population of 38.000, Monaco is significantly smaller than Cannes, but it is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Yes, Monaco is an independent country where the main languages are French and Italian. Apart from the popular paradise beaches, Monaco is equally a luxurious destination as Cannes; with casinos, glamorous hotels and restaurants. There are plenty of activities for visitors in Monaco which include the St Martin gardens, Monaco´s cathedral, an oceanographic museum and stunning, exotic gardens. For those who wish to relax can spend their time at the spa Marins Monte-Carlo. Each year the Monaco Grand Prix is held in May.


© The Telegraph

S T . T R O P E Z

St-Tropez is a fishing village which suddenly changed its reputation mainly due to Brigitte Bardot. St-Tropez is a popular destination for millionaires and luxury yachts at the vieux port, and thousands of visitors come each year for the beautiful sea, charming surroundings and celebrity sightseeing. Every year St-Tropez organizes a regatta called Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez which attracts many superyachts of incredible design and construction. The best way to get to Saint Tropez is by boat, bus or car as there is no railway station or airport. The highlights of St-Tropez include Michelin star restaurants, cozy and relaxed village atmosphere with cafés and boutiques and, of course, the scenic beaches.


© Adventure Sports

What do you think? Would the French Riviera be worth a visit? Have you already been there? If you have any questions about the French Riviera or about how to get there, do not hesitate to contact us!! 🙂

– Thank you for reading! –

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