How to become a Yacht Broker

If you wish to combine your two greatest passions of yachting and sales business, working as a yacht broker might just be the ideal job for you!

A yacht broker (or sales agent) is someone who is specialized in selling yachts or other types of boats depending on the organization or agency. Yacht brokers are very skilled sales people with great expertise within the yachting industry. They need to be aware of the laws and regulations that apply when selling, buying and owning yachts.

Requirements & Education: At least a high school diploma (maybe Bachelor’s degree). It is advisable to start entering the yachting industry early. Aim for an internship at a yacht agency and get the feeling of how these organizations operate. Through internships you will be able to discover and analyze your own strengths and weaknesses. There are targeted programs available to train you in becoming a broker. A certificate might be mandatory depending on the country you wish to work in, including a brokers license. Certificates may need to be renewed from time to time.
Degree Fields: Sales, Marketing, Finance or Economics.

Skills: Strong persuasive and communication skills, knowledge about the yachting industry (models, prices, etc.), sales experience, strong intuition and predictability of client needs and wishes, professional attitude, customer relationship.


1 A yacht broker is required to work many hours.
This means that irregular work hours such as evenings and Weekends are standards of your schedule. It is not a nine-to-five job where you can leave whenever the clock says so. You have to be flexible for everyone involved in the yacht buying- and chartering process. The yacht broker plays an important role in facilitating the communication between each individual involved.

2 Buying and chartering yachts is seasonal.
This means that Spring and Summer will be the busiest seasons for a yacht broker. Most clients charter yachts during the Summer months when it is too hot to be on land. Of course this aspect may also depend on the location and climate of your yacht agency. However, it is mostly a holiday treat for yacht enthusiasts. During Spring and Summer, potential yacht buyers are more motivated and inspired to invest in a personal vessel.

3 It is not a regular office job.
A yacht broker has to interact with many clients and may be on his/her feet almost all day long at some points. It can be tiring and you may have to attend to endless phone calls and e-mail inquiries as well as visiting yachts at the harbor and assist your clients.

4 You will have to move for your job.
Yacht agencies are not as common as, for example, real estate agencies. Most agencies are located where the yachts are; near the sea. And if you aspire to become a yacht broker, you might have to move to another country or city.

5 Passion.
This is key. In order to become a successful yacht broker, passion is probably the main requirement. With passion comes excitement, which influences your customers and environment as well. You have to love the product you are selling or chartering. You should know about the newest trends within the industry and have a basic knowledge of celebrities and other famous personalities as these could become your potential clients at one point. Keep informing yourself about the latest yacht trends as well as the occasional “Hollywood gossip”.

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6 As a yacht broker you act as a company representative at the same time.
While you have to remain professional at all times, you may have to take part in various boat shows and events to build business connections with both other companies as well as clients. Dress to impress and always have a positive and outgoing personality. This shows confidence and gives your clients and fellow colleagues a sense of security and professionalism. It is also advisable that you know something about cultural differences as well as intercultural communication. Yachts are popular on an international basis, which means that your clients, etc. all have different cultural backgrounds. Outstanding English skills are under any circumstances a must!

7 It is necessary that a yacht broker can prioritize tasks and work.
You must be stress-resistant and expect sudden last-minute schedule changes and organize your time to serve your clients and business partners. Your phone should be with you at all times as clients, owners, mechanics, colleagues, etc. may want to call you whenever they need you throughout the day and week.

– Thank you for reading! –

Would you be up for the challenge? Let us know what you think, or if you have anything to add in the comments 🙂

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