How to become a Steward(ess) on a Yacht

Ever considered to become a crew member on a yacht? This little article will give you an overview of what to consider before you decide to enter this job and embark onto your next adventure.

Becoming part of the crew on a yacht requires responsibility. Not just for the yacht itself, but, most importantly, for the guests chartering or those who own the yacht. It is necessary to be qualified for the job to guarantee the safety of the passengers your fleet will accommodate. A steward(ess) has to carry out the captain’s orders and may also have to supervise and train lower-ranks of the crew. In order to get hired, you will have to get in touch with crew agencies which will redirect you to a yacht and crew once you are registered into their systems. Your agency is responsible for your employment rights and contracts. These agencies will also assist you with job interviews and CVs. Keep in mind that contract periods may differ a lot and every crew experience is different. With the right attitude and mind-set, being a steward(ess) can be a truly unforgettable and valuable experience.


Requirements: Every crew member needs to complete basic safety courses for first aid and fire fighting for example. Moreover, you should have at least some knowledge of yachts and the industry in general, so you know the differences and similarities of vessels. Chief stewards and stewardesses will need to have experience in bartending, silver service, wine knowledge, decorating and more. Creativity is extremely useful and allows for a unique experience for the guests. Your unnique personality can even be the reason, guests want to come back! Tasks may vary extremely and any kind of hospitality or management skill is a plus.

Skills: Taking responsibility, remaining polite at all times, hospitality and professional service, stress-resistant, organizational skills, managing people, various maintenance (interior and exterior), reliability, independent ( etc. )


1 The guest comes first!
Always put guests’ priorities over your own. The guests you accommodate are paying a lot of money for excellent crew service and this must be maintained at all times, even when you are having a bad day.

2 Organize and plan!
Maintaining guest service and boat maintenance requires a lot of organizing. It is important that you know how to fulfill all given tasks in the most efficient and flawless way. Prioritize your work and do not feel overwhelmed with the tasks you are given.

3 Multi-talented.
The more skills you possess, the more valuable you are. Degrees, languages, certificates, maintenance, planning, customer service, professionalism… all of these are a plus to your skill-set. You have to become an inevitable crew member that rises above the rest of the competition. From baby-sitting and cooking to bartending and sports, every acquired skill is seen as an advantage, so be sure to write every tiny detail on your CV!

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4 There are multiple ways to become part of a yacht crew.
The most important thing is to keep accumulating skills and knowledge that can increase your value as a crew member and chances of getting hired. You can work your way up the ranks on-board throughout your employment years.

5 The yachting industry is known for its importance of networking.
Even if you do not own your own yacht, you will have the opportunity to network with very exceptional people. If you stay professional and friendly at all times, you can have a large network built for yourself which can come in handy if you wish to change position or get in touch with the right people later on.

6 Hard work will be rewarded.
In the case of a crew steward(ess) this is very much the truth. As a steward, you will never be stagnated in the same position throughout your career. A highly skilled and professional steward(ess) may later on become Chief Steward(ess).

7 Think about your image.
Both online and offline you portray and image of yourself. With every account you create and every post you write, you create a side of yourself online. Make sure to keep your online profiles professional and clear your photo albums from embarrassing or unprofessional pictures. In real life you have to always be your most beautiful self and look polished and groomed. Piercings and tattoos might be an issue in this business and make-up should be kept natural and minimal.

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8 It is still a job.
Even though you may be cruising around in the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by beaches and beautiful sceneries you have to keep in mind that it is a job. YOUR JOB. You will not have much time to gaze upon the stars in the evening with your crew family. Hours are long and your accommodation may not resemble a five-star hotel. The guests on the ship are not there to become your friends, but you have to serve them. Their lives and belongings are in your hands to care for, and there is the possibility that you may have to do tasks that you do not fancy.

9 Relationships are inconvenient.
As a part of the crew, you live on the yacht most of the time and have to change locations frequently for the upcoming work. Therefore, being in a relationship or having children may be hard to endure if you are working long periods away from your spouse. Moreover, keeping in touch with them can be difficult while cruising on a yacht and serving guests. Wifi systems and phone networks might not always be present.


Stewardship on yachts is a lifestyle and not so much a part-time job. This lifestyle offers many other things that cannot be found in other “regular” jobs. Every crew member will agree that working on yachts is truly rewarding, exciting and full of adventure with unforgettable moments!

– Thank you for reading! –

Would you be up for the challenge? Let us know what you think or if we missed anything in the comments 🙂

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